Santa’s Elves are in Need of a Holiday


packing up for the RRCS

Our best seller this holiday season has definitely been our bottlecap shakers (pictured to the right along with other wares we took to the Rock n’ Roll Craft Show last month); in fact, we have sold out!  More will be coming out of the shop, but not for a few months.  Right now, we’re working on a few custom orders for toys as well as some special Christmas gifts for family members.  This spring promises to be a busy one with a new addition to the HB family on the way (scheduled to be “released” in April if all goes well), possibly a few short tours for Magic City and Demonlover, and hopefully a few more craft shows before the little one appears.  We’ll keep you updated on where we’ll be when!

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Walking Wooden Duck

Walking Wooden Duck

We only sold one of these at the Rock n’ Roll Craft Show this year, but our niece went bananas over getting one for her Christmas present.

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It’s time to rock (with instruments & everything)

20120920-094116.jpgJust got word we will be participating in the Rock’n’Roll Craft Show! Some of our toys and Electric Kalimbas have been available there in the past and, in fact, the RnRCS was the first place we sold our kalimbas en masse 6 years ago. We are looking forward to participating as vendors this year!

Planning to bring several oldie-but-goodies as well as some altogether new toy and instrument designs with us. Should be worth checking out!

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Magic City Raises the Jolly Roger

Do you have the key to One-Eyed Willie?

As you may have heard, Sam Meyer, Magic City’s irreplaceable drummer, has moved to Lexington with his expecting wife and daughter.  But have no fear, the band is unwilling to retire and views this as an opportunity to tour more often and make the infrequent shows in St. Louis ones that cannot be missed.  Next up on Magic City’s schedule is an event called “X Marks The Spot”, a fundraiser for The Spot, a free clinic & counseling center for teens and young adults in St. Louis.  The best part about the benefit concert?– It’s pirate themed, so the band will be in their best One-Eyed Willie garb.  In addition to Magic City, there will also be performances by the talented Ellen the Felon and The Jungle Fire, a newer band in STL that is worthy of your attention.  The event will also have a silent auction, a costume contest, and plenty of opportunities to win booty.  So, polish your peg legs and practice your “arrrrrr’s”, it’s going to be a blimey good time!  We weigh anchor at 8:00 on August 25th at The Heavy Anchor down in Bevo.

Here’s a link to the event page:

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JJ the Machine


a hard day’s work in a boiling basement workshop

JJ cranked these out while I was at my (paying) job the other day.  Looks like I have a lot of sanding, painting, and bottlecaps in my immediate future.

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Back to the Workshop

Our first Soulard Park Saturday was yesterday.  The weather cooperated in the morning with a gentle cool breeze under our shaded tent (though at this point “cool” is 90 degrees).  We sold a little over double our booth fee, which isn’t spectacular since the vendor fee was low, but met some interesting people and got our name out there a bit.  We did sell the Beer Snob wreath (my current favorite) to a very nice older couple who apparently love craft beersImage.  Today it’s back to the workshop to replenish and bulk up our inventory.  We’re currently sketching out plans for some Halloween and Day of the Dead ornaments.  Our next appearance is Soulard Park on August 18, but we may also be joining Miss Ohio Vintage for the August Handmade Happy Hour tentatively scheduled to be held at Salt on August 17. 

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A headache is keeping me from thinking before I type

20120709-140222.jpgWell, you may have missed the last big Magic City show for a while (at least if yer in STL) but you have one more chance to see Demonlover live. That’s Sunday 7/15 at Pigslop.

This is the last chance to see a show at Piggy Sloop too since they are making way for slicker and better funded artists…

We’re hoping to do some recording earlier in the day coz AC Lastyear is using modern public transportation to get to St Louis from Omaha. Depends if we have time though: We aren’t rich and therefore could only afford the flight option not the teleportation option. Thanks Obamacare.

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